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“Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.” – Anonymous


Sometimes that’s all that fatherhood feels like, a kick in the jugular.

New fathers get the least support, and also the least forgiveness, and that’s why this book exists.

Written by two new mums, and edited by their faithful partners, the New Dad Book addresses all the pitfalls of new fatherhood from the perspective of relationships – with your child, with your partner and with yourself.

Learn from our experiences what you really need to know about becoming a new father and what your partner will expect from you. Don’t wait for the arguments to start, shock her (and yourself) by being informed, prepared and fearless!

The best part is that this knowledge comes to you instantaneously in the form of 50 succinct, one-page lists devoid of the patronizing jargon that treats new parents like idiots. Because we know that when hormones are involved (yours or hers), there’s no time for fluff. All you have to do is click the button below.

What people are saying about New Dad Book:

“It’s like your wife’s smart, sassy, best friend had two glasses of wine and pulled you aside and told you everything important, ranging from biology to behavior.”

“Whether it’s advice on “8 ways to be useful during labor,”4 effective ways to burp your baby” or my favorite “9 worst push present ideas,” the text is a fun and easy read but full of important info that I at least wouldn’t have thought to ask or frantically Google until I was already stressed out in the situation. Best of all, my husband loved it and refers to it all the time.”

“If you’re a guy, you will have several oh s*** moments reading this book. A great gift for a new dad to be.”

“It’s like a Cliff Notes for being a new dad.”

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Don’t Believe Them? See For Yourself:

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