13 Controversial Decisions You Should Have A Say In

  1. Pacifiers – The pacifier debate centers around how much you want to create a dependency on comfort aids, your threshold for unsettled babies and the potential of gum issues.
  2. Routines – Some parents swear by routines and others let their babies automatically fall into them. You and your partner should decide what would work best with your life and parenting style.
  3. Sleep Training – Similarly, sleep training is one of those hot topics that all parents have a strong opinion on. The idea of leaving your baby to cry themselves to sleep can offend some, and be a boon to others. You and your partner need to decide if you’re going to do it, when you’re going to do it and for how long. Often, it’s the father’s strength that helps the mum go through with it if you decide to go that way.
  4. Co-sleeping – There is mixed opinion around whether it is safe to share your bed with your baby and if it creates sleeping problems for your baby. Unfortunately there is no right or wrong decision on this one, but just beware of the risk of rolling onto your baby in your sleep as this could potentially be very dangerous.
  5. Bumpers – Bumpers in cribs are meant to be a risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Your sense of spatial relationships will help assess the real threat for your child.
  6. Costs – Both parents can be at fault for overspending on a new baby, and it’s hardly a fair criticism as new parents are such a sucker market for retailers. That being said, you can be the voice of reason when things get out of hand. You really don’t need a $2000 crib, unless it turns into a Porsche after 18 years.
  7. Walkers – Walkers have been so controversial that they are actually banned in Canada. They have been criticized for causing accidents in children and for impeding the development of spatial and motor skills in babies. However, walkers have changed in styles and have been modified to eradicate factors that were issues in the past. Regardless, you and your partner should both decide whether or not you want your child to use one.
  8. Activities – You are a cellist, she is a gymnast. Or more likely, you are a sports freak, and she is an artist. It’s important to have both parents’ input so that the child gets a well-rounded education and is not forced into one activity or another too soon. Yes, we all secretly want our children to fulfill our dreams but we have to let them have their own dreams first.
  9. Circumcision – Unless your religion or culture has a stand on circumcision, you will venture into the research and find that the official medical stand on circumcision changes every 10 years. You and your partner should get the scientific low-down but there are two considerations that only a man can understand: Firstly, boys want to look the same as other boys in the locker room and secondly, boys want to look like their dads. If these two are in conflict, chances are you have a better shot at the right decision than your partner.
  10. Immunization – Some people are not believers in immunization but choosing to vaccinate your child is definitely a joint decision to make. Be sure to consult your doctor if you decide not to immunize your child so you are fully aware of the risks associated.
  11. Schools – From day cares to kindergarten and finally day school, the choices are daunting and the competition is stiff. You and your partner need to both be fully engaged.
  12. Wills and contingency planning – What will happen to your baby if something happens to both you and your partner? Who will the guardians be? Plus, how she/he will inherit all your wealth?
  13. Names – Naming your child is a decision that should be made jointly. Do you name him after your grandmother or do you branch out and introduce
    new names into the family.

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