How Content Curation Increases Your Online Influence

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We grew up thinking that curators can only be found in museums—taking good care of paintings and always talking about cubism and all things art.

However, did you know that blog posts can be curated as well?

The term ‘curation’ can also refer to jobs or concepts of a different nature—the web community included. Moreover, apparently, such a thing as content curation exists in the digital marketing industry.

Curation can also pertain to methods, tools and techniques that can be used for further understanding of web content.

Web content is a very vital element in digital marketing, and curation is a technique that makes things easier for everyone. However, how exactly can content curation make your business successful? Read on to find out.

  • Content curation helps you gain followers
  • This can be true for content creation in social media where your chances of getting much page clicks are high. Putting together your best pieces could do you a great deal in terms of the online participation of your customers. You get to have the opportunity to gain more clients and readers especially when your content is engaging and enjoyable.

  • Content curation lets you discover more valuable content
  • Content curation is different from content marketing in such a way that content curation involves compiling and sharing existing content with your followers and customers. Content curation also helps you maintain a stable online presence since, through it, you can put your best stuff out there for the world to see.

  • Content curation adds value to your brand or business
  • Aside from simplifying how users take in your content, it also helps you to build lasting relationships with your customers. You become more aware of the fact that customers have limited time so you continue to find and develop ways on how they can search for and use your best content for their convenience.

The Content Curation Process

The way online content is consumed and absorbed varies among users. It may be a breeze for some, but it might be complicated and tricky for others. This is where content curation comes in. By doing this, digital marketers get to sort out large amounts of content and organize them in such a way that readers can easily understand them.

An article at Huffington Post features a great list of content curation tips that businesses and entrepreneurs should follow to increase their influence.


As you practice content marketing, it is possible that you may already have had a viral post or two. If you are lucky enough, you probably have more. Browse through your content archives and check what have been featured. Include them in your curated list. If done properly, this list of yours could go viral, especially if it is one that sparks discussion and interaction among users.

The issue that may arise from sorting out your content is if you have unique content to include in your curation. While sharing content from other sites is great, it is equally important to have your content to share actually to leverage your influence with your audience.

If you are not a writer, you may want to purchase articles from premium writing services to help shore up your content creation process. This way, your content curation strategy will include unique pieces from your site.

Include variations

Customers always look for interesting things on the Internet. If you are not creative enough, you might end up decreasing your site traffic and losing profit in the end!

One effective way to prevent these from happening is always to look for and apply variations in your content creation techniques.

Use infographics, video and audio tutorials, blog posts, images, podcasts, and other excellent content types. Don’t limit yourself to curating only written content—customers want to see more of what you could offer through fun and innovative means.

In fact, you can recreate your old content and convert them into a different format. For example, you can turn your old articles into infographics or videos so your audience can see them in a new light. This process known as content repurposing can help attract more visitors to your content because some respond better to visual or audio content instead of reading articles.

Aside from using variations of your content, it is also important that you look for useful content from different platforms. Social media is one ideal source because it is one of the fastest ways to gain much page views and clicks. There are also places where you can unexpectedly find enough content to curate like Pinterest boards, webinars, and even e-mails and surveys.

Use the right tools

A well-curated list would be useless if you will not use efficient means on how you can make it available for users. Tools like BuzzSumo helps you take a peek on what content are popular at the moment or whichever have a lot of social media shares. Through this tool, you can also find good content creation and curation ideas that you can use to make your curated list more enjoyable for your readers.

Content curation is a technique you can do to bring the spotlight to your content—the best ones you’ve created, at that. Be strategic and creative in curating your content, and always think outside the box!

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